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Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration includes: a 10'X10' space with one table, covered with a cloth and 2 chairs. We are able to accommodate 15 vendors, when these spots are gone the registration will be closed. Registration includes, lunch and a goody bag.

For one person: $75, after Auguat 1st - $100
For two people: $120, after August 1st - $150
For three people: $165, after August 1st - $215

An additional table may be purchased for $25 or you may provide your own. 

Please plan on limiting your display area to the provided space, if you think more area will be necessary, please purchase another 10’x10’ space.

* If you have any questions, Please contact Sue Blume at sblumecakes@hotmail.com or 832-492-4380

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