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In addition to our other fantasic demonstrators, we are happy to have Iris Rezoagli from Arizona. She was the January 2021 Artist of the Month for Worldwide Excellences Edible Art and she has also been in many cake magazines. Iris will be teaching at Sweet Nations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday following our Cake Decorating Extravaganza.

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We are the Houston area's largest cake club.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
Demo's start at 10:00am
Meeting's starts at 11:00am

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 worries. We are currently live streaming            our meetings through "Zoom", the actual meetings are held at our President -
                 Sue Blume's house, 1202 S. Commons View Dr., Huffman, TX 77336.

All registered members will be emailed the meeting invitation each month
                 automatically and you are invited to attend in persion, if you desire.

          If your not a member, and you would like to view our next meeting, just
     email for more information and a meeting invitation.



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